Cutthroat County

An exclusive short story written just for subscribers. This high-octane action thriller follows Sheriff Moody—an elderly but humble lawman whose devotion is questioned. When a casino robbery endangers a member of their close-knit community, it could be his last chance to prove himself.

Good as Dead

A collection of short stories featuring the earlier works of Adam Nicholls. Now featuring two brand new entries, there's no better place to start than at the beginning of the bookshelf. But be warned; there's no letting up in these unnerving thrillers.

Bloodline (Series)

For the first time ever, Adam Nicholls explores the loves and fears of multiple characters over the span of an entire trilogy. A corrupt government agency and countless twists and turns provide everything you crave from a series of espionage thrillers.

Mason Black (Series)

Moving into darker territory, ex-cop Mason Black—now a private investigator—is pulled from his stable life and thrown into a reopened case from years ago. The infamous Lullaby Killer is on the loose again, and one bad thing can only lead to another.

Lori Turner (Series)

Taking a step into the world of psychological thrillers, Jay Nadal and I collaborated to create a story about a woman whose life was destroyed. Before she knows it, Lori stumbles upon clues that suggest her recent car wreck wasn't an accident, and she'll do anything to find out more.

The Evie Black Files (Standalone)

Serving as its own trilogy of novellas, Hard Press collects three original stories featuring Mason Black's sister as she pursues her journalistic career in New York. These stories were written with both fans and newcomers in mind, and it's a great starting point for all thriller readers.

Kill Game (Standalone)

First released in a three-part serial, Adam Nicholls explores how a young kidnapping victim grows up to be a toughened homicide detective, right before she's thrown right back into her nightmares to face her demons all over again. Co-written with newcomer Jennifer May, this novel features a strong female protagonist and the deadliest serial killer so far.

Morgan Young (Series)

Morgan Young is a private investigator with a heart of gold. His devotion to his wife is the one thing he fights to maintain, so when his best friend coerces him into pursuing a killer, his family stability is threatened. The problem is, Morgan made a promise... and he never breaks his promises.


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