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Tonight he killed for the first time.
But it wouldn’t be his last.
Homicide Detective Jessie Talbot is trying to enjoy a normal life when the call comes in. A body has been found with a perfect slice across its throat, and with no signs of forced entry to the crime scene, the circumstances are baffling.
While Mr. Cutthroat hides in plain sight, Jessie and her partner put the evidence through the process. But the DNA matches don’t make sense, and now Jessie is wrapped in a confusing case she’s struggling to solve, while a killer walks the streets of Penbrock.
Fast, fresh and exciting. Jessie Talbot is the perfect rival for any serial killer, and she comes with her own set of problems. The balance between these two provides a rich atmosphere and a world so deep you won’t want to leave.
*These books can be read in any order.

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