The last thing he wanted was blood on his hands.

Sherriff Moody is just a lazy old redneck. Well, that’s what’s spray-painted on the wall of his office. He’s nobody’s favorite lawman and nobody trusts him. At least, not until the Rambo brothers rob the local casino.


Everything changes for Moody that day. When survivors of the ordeal arrive at his office and beg him to rescue a hostage, Moody is forced into a high-speed pursuit across the county. His one goal: to prove everyone wrong.


The people hate him, his deputy doubts him, and the life of a hostage hangs in the balance. Sheriff Moody only has one chance to redeem himself in this action-packed, high-octane short story exclusive to subscribers.

It all came down to one last chase.


Mason Black has encountered more than his fair share of psychopaths, so he figured one more couldn’t hurt. Now a confident detective among the SFPD, he believes he can bring any killer to their knees. He’s never been more wrong.


Someone is killing people to the beats of a popular crime novel, and only the original author can help. While the Malice killer proves the most elusive in recent history, Mason knows he must do everything in his power to stop him. Even if it means seeking help.


Mason Black is back to his old ways, shooting first and asking questions later. With an all-new killer giving him the runaround, you’ll be on the edge of your seat while victims drop like flies.

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